Peace Mosaic was inaugurated by UNESCO French Commission and Mister Bernard Cazeneuve, French Minister of the Interior.

“As a teacher at an international school, I was thrilled that my students had the chance to participate in the peace conference organised by Mme. Bérenegère de Pontac. This conference gave the students common ground, temporal and spatial, in order to begin to understand unity and the complexity of the world. Mme. de Pontac created a sense of curiosity within the student body via observational skills and critical thinking. Next, the students worked on different types of writing such as summaries, timelines, maps and sketches.
Mme. de Pontac helped them better understand historical, geopolitical cultural and religious factors established 70 years ago which, now, keep countries in peace. Additionally, Mme de Pontac gave them necessary elements needed to reflect together on the preservation and strengthening of the stability of peace.
This workshop was an excellent tool to develop the student’s cultural understanding which opened the minds of the students to the diversity and the evolution of civilisation, societies, territories and religious groups; Mme. de Pontac allowed the students to acquire temporal, spatial, cultural and civil references. With the frequency of such workshops, she contributes to the formation of individuals and of all citizens of the world for a greater tomorrow.”

Sophie Le Bailif (teacher at the École Internationale Lennen School – Paris 7th arrondissement)

“ A very interesting and well organised pedagogic workshop. The visits were adapted for for grammar school students and the content was well adapted with its historical program. The idea to ‘visit the site’ and to listen to the different aspects of WWII helped the students better understand and remember the historical events. This workshop could also be used in other academic disciplines (geography, arts, writing) and provides and important cultural openness.

The peace conference insisted, on the students, the notion that peace is still fragile and the freedom gained thought our history must be remember by all in order to maintain this stage of peace and urges students to be tolerant to others (possible link to civic and moral education). In the end, the students were happy and proud to leave with a ‘diploma of peace building’ as a gift.

Madame Leeterrier (teacher of CM2 at L’école Robert Doisneau de Cherbourg)

“Mme. de Pontac came to present her conference on peace to the students of CM1 and CM2 at the school of St. Marcel. With confidence, she explained to the children, by having them actively participate, how peace had been established in Europe after the end of WWII. The students worked alongside their teachers on the subject of WWII and on the establishment of Europe  and were extremely interested by the subject and the conference which lead to much time spent answering questions, exchanging ideas and reflecting. The students returned from the conference with a ‘diploma in peace building’ which left them feeling a part of the peace building and preservation.”

Blandine Wartel (President of St. Marcel – Paris 13th arrondissement)