The Servigny D-Day Fund was created on June 28, 2014, following the 70-year commemoration of the Cherbourg Surrender, held at the Château de Servigny in Normandy, under the patronage of the French commission for UNESCO, and in the presence of Interior Minister Bernard Cazeneuve.

During this ceremony, which took place June 26, 2014, a ‘Peace Mosaic’, created by over one hundred children, was unveiled by UNESCO. The Servigny D-Day Fund is entirely devoted to: youth, education, benevolence, culture and passing on the importance of history and tolerance.

Our Hope 

As the face of hope, enthusiasm, and dynamism, We believe that children will shape tomorrow’s world. They all have the capacity and desire to learn, if we guide them on the right path, with their hearts.

By encouraging children and relaying to them, through both the educational conferences and trips, the history and experience of their ancestors, the young will be able to realise that a peaceful world is a fragile gift, but a gift that is worth and must be protected.

Peace is not just a concept, nor is it unattainable. In fact, peace continues to build upon itself and strengthens each day as long as there are those, young and old, who are willing to aide our world and stand in solidarity to promote and preserve peace.

Each person, no matter age, religion, or race, is responsible for and plays a vital role in laying the foundation of peace. Through educating themselves on the history of their grandfather and great grandfather, children could harness a deep desire to build a better future for themselves, so that in tomorrow’s world, their responsibility will shift to preserving peace, instead of creating it.  

Already this year many schools and associations have entrusted SDDF by reserving class trips and organising peace conferences.

At the present moment, we are looking for funding from businesses in order to assure “our commitment to impart this spirit of peace is able to reach all children and youth”.